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02-11-201720:00Frames Club C4 - 6Bull Dog A
02-11-201720:00Green Man A7 - 3Tiltyard
02-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar A8 - 2Green Man B
02-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar A23 - 7Frames Club A
02-11-201720:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Green Man C
02-11-201720:00Bull Dog B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
02-11-201720:00The Clarendon6 - 4Foresters Arms
02-11-201720:00Fusilier A4 - 6Joiners Arms A
02-11-201720:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Radford Semele Club
02-11-201720:00Jet6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar B
02-11-201720:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Fusilier B
09-11-201720:00Tiltyard4 - 6Frames Club C
09-11-201720:00Green Man B7 - 3Green Man A
09-11-201720:00Frames Club A9 - 1Cavern Sports Bar A
09-11-201720:00Hodcarrier4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
09-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar C6 - 4Hope Tavern A
09-11-201720:00Sydenham Club3 - 7Bull Dog B
09-11-201720:00Joiners Arms A8 - 2Windmill
09-11-201720:00Radford Semele Club6 - 4Fusilier A
09-11-201720:00Builders Arms5 - 5St Patrick's Club
09-11-201720:00Fusilier B3 - 7Jet
09-11-201720:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Green Man D
16-11-201720:00Frames Club C6 - 4Green Man B
16-11-201720:00Green Man A0 - 10Frames Club A
16-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A2
16-11-201720:00Bull Dog A4 - 6Hodcarrier
16-11-201720:00Joiners Arms B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
16-11-201720:00Hope Tavern A3 - 7Bull Dog B
16-11-201720:00Green Man C8 - 2Sydenham Club
16-11-201720:00The Clarendon6 - 4Joiners Arms A
16-11-201720:00Windmill6 - 4Radford Semele Club
16-11-201720:00Fusilier A4 - 6St Patrick's Club
16-11-201720:00Foresters Arms10 - 0Builders Arms
16-11-201720:00Woodloes Tavern2 - 8Green Man D
23-11-201720:00Frames Club A10 - 0Frames Club C
23-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Green Man A
23-11-201720:00Hodcarrier3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A
23-11-201720:00Tiltyard3 - 7Bull Dog A
23-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar C9 - 1Wheatsheaf Taba
23-11-201720:00Bull Dog B5 - 5Joiners Arms B
23-11-201720:00Sydenham Club3 - 7Hope Tavern A
23-11-201720:00Radford Semele Club3 - 7The Clarendon
23-11-201720:00St Patrick's Club6 - 4Windmill
23-11-201720:00Builders Arms6 - 4Fusilier A
23-11-201720:00Green Man D5 - 5Jet
23-11-201720:00Hope Tavern B7 - 3Woodloes Tavern
30-11-201720:00Frames Club C3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
30-11-201720:00Green Man A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
30-11-201720:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Green Man B
30-11-201720:00Tiltyard10 - 0Hodcarrier
30-11-201720:00Wheatsheaf Taba3 - 7Bull Dog B
30-11-201720:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Hope Tavern A
30-11-201720:00The Clarendon7 - 3St Patrick's Club
30-11-201720:00Windmill8 - 2Fusilier A
30-11-201720:00Foresters Arms5 - 5Joiners Arms A
30-11-201720:00Jet6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
30-11-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar B3 - 7Hope Tavern B
07-12-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Frames Club C
07-12-201720:00Hodcarrier7 - 3Green Man A
07-12-201720:00Frames Club A5 - 5Bull Dog A
07-12-201720:00Green Man B6 - 4Tiltyard
07-12-201720:00Hope Tavern A2 - 8Wheatsheaf Taba
07-12-201720:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Joiners Arms B
07-12-201720:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Green Man C
07-12-201720:00Fusilier A3 - 7The Clarendon
07-12-201720:00Builders Arms6 - 4Windmill
07-12-201720:00Radford Semele Club7 - 3Foresters Arms
07-12-201720:00Hope Tavern B5 - 5Jet
07-12-201720:00Fusilier B10 - 0Cavern Sports Bar B
14-12-201720:00Frames Club C5 - 5Green Man A
14-12-201720:00Bull Dog A10 - 0Cavern Sports Bar A2
14-12-201720:00Tiltyard3 - 7Frames Club A
14-12-201720:00Green Man B3 - 7Hodcarrier
14-12-201720:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Joiners Arms B
14-12-201720:00Green Man C3 - 7Bull Dog B
14-12-201720:00The Clarendon9 - 1Windmill
14-12-201720:00Foresters Arms7 - 3St Patrick's Club
14-12-201720:00Joiners Arms A2 - 8Builders Arms
14-12-201720:00Fusilier B1 - 9Hope Tavern B
21-12-201720:00Hodcarrier1 - 6Frames Club A
21-12-201720:00Tiltyard6 - 4Frames Club C
21-12-201720:00Bull Dog B7 - 3Hope Tavern A
21-12-201720:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Radford Semele Club
04-01-201820:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Frames Club C
04-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Bull Dog A
04-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Tiltyard
04-01-201820:00Frames Club A10 - 0Green Man B
04-01-201820:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
04-01-201820:00Hope Tavern A8 - 2Green Man C
04-01-201820:00Builders Arms2 - 8The Clarendon
04-01-201820:00Fusilier A3 - 7Foresters Arms
04-01-201820:00Radford Semele Club6 - 4Joiners Arms A
04-01-201820:00Green Man D7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar B
11-01-201820:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Green Man A
11-01-201820:00Tiltyard7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar A
11-01-201820:00Green Man B3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
11-01-201820:00Frames Club A10 - 0Hodcarrier
11-01-201820:00Green Man C5 - 5Joiners Arms B
11-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C9 - 1Sydenham Club
11-01-201820:00Foresters Arms5 - 5Windmill
11-01-201820:00Joiners Arms A7 - 3St Patrick's Club
11-01-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Builders Arms
11-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 5Woodloes Tavern
11-01-201820:00Fusilier B5 - 5Green Man D
18-01-201820:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Frames Club C
18-01-201820:00Tiltyard4 - 6Green Man A
18-01-201820:00Green Man B4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
18-01-201820:00Frames Club A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A2
18-01-201820:00Green Man C7 - 3Wheatsheaf Taba
18-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C5 - 5Bull Dog B
18-01-201820:00Foresters Arms6 - 4The Clarendon
18-01-201820:00Joiners Arms A6 - 4Fusilier A
18-01-201820:00Radford Semele Club4 - 6St Patrick's Club
18-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B10 - 0Jet
18-01-201820:00Fusilier B5 - 5Woodloes Tavern
25-01-201820:00Frames Club C5 - 5Tiltyard
25-01-201820:00Green Man A7 - 3Green Man B
25-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A3 - 7Frames Club A
25-01-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A29 - 1Hodcarrier
25-01-201820:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
25-01-201820:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Sydenham Club
25-01-201820:00Windmill7 - 3Joiners Arms A
25-01-201820:00Fusilier A5 - 5Radford Semele Club
25-01-201820:00St Patrick's Club5 - 5Builders Arms
25-01-201820:00Jet5 - 5Fusilier B
25-01-201820:00Green Man D4 - 6Hope Tavern B
01-02-201820:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Green Man B
01-02-201820:00Joiners Arms B2 - 6Tiltyard
01-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 4Cavern Sports Bar C
01-02-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Frames Club A
01-02-201820:00Green Man A6 - 4Wheatsheaf Taba
01-02-201820:00Green Man C6 - 4Bull Dog A
01-02-201820:00Fusilier B1 - 10Joiners Arms A
01-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 6The Clarendon
01-02-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 6Hope Tavern B
01-02-201820:00Fusilier A5 - 6Jet
08-02-201820:00Green Man B6 - 4Frames Club C
08-02-201820:00Frames Club A7 - 3Green Man A
08-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
08-02-201820:00Hodcarrier3 - 7Bull Dog A
08-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Joiners Arms B
08-02-201820:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Hope Tavern A
08-02-201820:00Sydenham Club5 - 5Green Man C
08-02-201820:00Joiners Arms A9 - 1The Clarendon
08-02-201820:00Radford Semele Club6 - 4Windmill
08-02-201820:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Fusilier A
08-02-201820:00Builders Arms5 - 5Foresters Arms
08-02-201820:00Green Man D4 - 6Woodloes Tavern
15-02-201820:00Frames Club C2 - 8Frames Club A
15-02-201820:00Green Man A7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar A2
15-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A10 - 0Hodcarrier
15-02-201820:00Bull Dog A6 - 4Tiltyard
15-02-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
15-02-201820:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Bull Dog B
15-02-201820:00Hope Tavern A8 - 2Sydenham Club
15-02-201820:00The Clarendon5 - 5Radford Semele Club
15-02-201820:00Windmill5 - 5St Patrick's Club
15-02-201820:00Fusilier A3 - 7Builders Arms
15-02-201820:00Jet6 - 4Green Man D
15-02-201820:00Woodloes Tavern5 - 5Hope Tavern B
22-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Frames Club C
22-02-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A6 - 4Green Man A
22-02-201820:00Green Man B3 - 7Bull Dog A
22-02-201820:00Hodcarrier6 - 4Tiltyard
22-02-201820:00Bull Dog B7 - 3Wheatsheaf Taba
22-02-201820:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Joiners Arms B
22-02-201820:00St Patrick's Club1 - 9The Clarendon
22-02-201820:00Fusilier A7 - 3Windmill
22-02-201820:00Joiners Arms A2 - 8Foresters Arms
22-02-201820:00Woodloes Tavern9 - 1Jet
22-02-201820:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar B
01-03-201820:00Tiltyard5 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
01-03-201820:00Frames Club A6 - 5Green Man A
01-03-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A6 - 5Green Man C
01-03-201820:00Joiners Arms A1 - 6Green Man D
01-03-201820:00The Clarendon5 - 6Hope Tavern B
01-03-201820:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 5Windmill
01-03-201820:00Jet6 - 1Foresters Arms
08-03-201820:00Frames Club C5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A
08-03-201820:00Green Man A6 - 4Hodcarrier
08-03-201820:00Bull Dog A4 - 6Frames Club A
08-03-201820:00Tiltyard1 - 9Green Man B
08-03-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba2 - 8Hope Tavern A
08-03-201820:00Joiners Arms B6 - 4Sydenham Club
08-03-201820:00Green Man C5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
08-03-201820:00The Clarendon10 - 0Fusilier A
08-03-201820:00Windmill10 - 0Builders Arms
08-03-201820:00Foresters Arms8 - 2Radford Semele Club
08-03-201820:00Jet2 - 8Hope Tavern B
08-03-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Fusilier B
15-03-201820:00Frames Club A6 - 1Cavern Sports Bar A
15-03-201820:00Green Man D3 - 6Hope Tavern B
15-03-201820:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 1Jet
22-03-201820:00Green Man A8 - 2Frames Club C
22-03-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A25 - 5Bull Dog A
22-03-201820:00Frames Club A10 - 0Tiltyard
22-03-201820:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Green Man B
22-03-201820:00Joiners Arms B10 - 0Wheatsheaf Taba
22-03-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Green Man C
22-03-201820:00Windmill1 - 9The Clarendon
22-03-201820:00St Patrick's Club2 - 8Foresters Arms
22-03-201820:00Builders Arms3 - 7Joiners Arms A
22-03-201820:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Fusilier B
29-03-201820:00Frames Club C7 - 3Hodcarrier
29-03-201820:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A
29-03-201820:00Tiltyard8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A2
29-03-201820:00Green Man B3 - 7Frames Club A
29-03-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba5 - 5Sydenham Club
29-03-201820:00Green Man C5 - 5Hope Tavern A
29-03-201820:00The Clarendon7 - 3Builders Arms
29-03-201820:00Foresters Arms10 - 0Fusilier A
29-03-201820:00Joiners Arms A8 - 2Radford Semele Club
29-03-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 4Green Man D
05-04-201820:00Green Man A3 - 7Bull Dog A
05-04-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A7 - 3Tiltyard
05-04-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A29 - 1Green Man B
05-04-201820:00Hodcarrier4 - 6Frames Club A
05-04-201820:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Green Man C
05-04-201820:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar C
05-04-201820:00Windmill3 - 7Foresters Arms
05-04-201820:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Joiners Arms A
05-04-201820:00Builders Arms4 - 6Radford Semele Club
05-04-201820:00Woodloes Tavern5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
05-04-201820:00Green Man D6 - 4Fusilier B
12-04-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A20 - 6Frames Club A
12-04-201820:00Hope Tavern B6 - 0Woodloes Tavern
26-04-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Frames Club A
26-04-201820:00Green Man A5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A
26-04-201820:00Frames Club C2 - 8Bull Dog A
26-04-201820:00Tiltyard6 - 4Foresters Arms
26-04-201820:00Nelson Club6 - 4Green Man C
26-04-201820:00Joiners Arms B6 - 4The Clarendon
26-04-201820:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Green Man B
26-04-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar C
26-04-201820:00Windmill7 - 3Hope Tavern B
26-04-201820:00Cubbington Club6 - 4Joiners Arms A
26-04-201820:00St Patrick's Club5 - 5Radford Semele Club
26-04-201820:00Jet4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
26-04-201820:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Fusilier B
26-04-201820:00Green Man D8 - 2Greyhound
03-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A7 - 3Bull Dog B
03-05-201820:00Bull Dog A5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A2
03-05-201820:00Hodcarrier8 - 2Frames Club C
03-05-201820:00Green Man C6 - 4Tiltyard
03-05-201820:00The Clarendon7 - 3Nelson Club
03-05-201820:00Green Man B6 - 4Joiners Arms B
03-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Hope Tavern A
03-05-201820:00Foresters Arms8 - 2Wheatsheaf Taba
03-05-201820:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Sydenham Club
03-05-201820:00Joiners Arms A4 - 6Windmill
03-05-201820:00Radford Semele Club8 - 2Cubbington Club
03-05-201820:00Builders Arms5 - 5St Patrick's Club
03-05-201820:00Fusilier B6 - 4Jet
03-05-201820:00Greyhound3 - 7Woodloes Tavern
10-05-201820:00Green Man A3 - 7Bull Dog A
10-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A25 - 5Frames Club C
10-05-201820:00Frames Club A8 - 2Hodcarrier
10-05-201820:00Tiltyard6 - 4The Clarendon
10-05-201820:00Nelson Club4 - 6Green Man B
10-05-201820:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar C
10-05-201820:00Hope Tavern A9 - 1Wheatsheaf Taba
10-05-201820:00Green Man C4 - 6Foresters Arms
10-05-201820:00Sydenham Club7 - 3Joiners Arms A
10-05-201820:00Windmill4 - 6Radford Semele Club
10-05-201820:00Cubbington Club5 - 5St Patrick's Club
10-05-201820:00Jet6 - 4Greyhound
10-05-201820:00Woodloes Tavern2 - 8Green Man D
17-05-201820:00Bull Dog A6 - 4Bull Dog B
17-05-201820:00Frames Club C3 - 7Green Man A
17-05-201820:00Hodcarrier2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
17-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A4 - 6Frames Club A
17-05-201820:00Green Man B5 - 5Tiltyard
17-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C6 - 4Nelson Club
17-05-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba3 - 7Joiners Arms B
17-05-201820:00Foresters Arms5 - 5Hope Tavern A
17-05-201820:00The Clarendon4 - 6Green Man C
17-05-201820:00Radford Semele Club3 - 7Sydenham Club
17-05-201820:00St Patrick's Club6 - 4Windmill
17-05-201820:00Builders Arms8 - 2Cubbington Club
17-05-201820:00Green Man D7 - 3Jet
17-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B4 - 6Fusilier A
24-05-201820:00Tiltyard4 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
24-05-201820:00Frames Club C6 - 3Hope Tavern A
24-05-201820:00Builders Arms4 - 7Cavern Sports Bar C
24-05-201820:00St Patrick's Club3 - 6Green Man D
24-05-201820:00Foresters Arms1 - 6Frames Club A
24-05-201820:00Green Man A10 - 0Joiners Arms B
24-05-201820:00Nelson Club6 - 2Bull Dog B
24-05-201820:00Windmill3 - 6Green Man B
24-05-201820:00Woodloes Tavern4 - 6Sydenham Club
24-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A7 - 0Wheatsheaf Taba
24-05-201820:00Greyhound5 - 2Hodcarrier
24-05-201820:00Fusilier A6 - 4Fusilier B
24-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B9 - 2Hope Tavern B
24-05-201820:00Green Man C6 - 4Joiners Arms A
31-05-201820:00Bull Dog B5 - 5Frames Club C
31-05-201820:00Green Man A2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
31-05-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A10 - 0Hodcarrier
31-05-201820:00Tiltyard6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar C
31-05-201820:00Nelson Club2 - 8Wheatsheaf Taba
31-05-201820:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Hope Tavern A
31-05-201820:00Green Man C3 - 7Green Man B
31-05-201820:00The Clarendon7 - 3Foresters Arms
31-05-201820:00Sydenham Club7 - 3St Patrick's Club
31-05-201820:00Windmill5 - 5Cubbington Club
31-05-201820:00Hope Tavern B7 - 3Builders Arms
31-05-201820:00Jet5 - 5Woodloes Tavern
31-05-201820:00Fusilier A6 - 4Fusilier B
07-06-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 4Bull Dog B
07-06-201820:00Hodcarrier6 - 4Green Man A
07-06-201820:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Frames Club A
07-06-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba2 - 8Tiltyard
07-06-201820:00Hope Tavern A4 - 6Nelson Club
07-06-201820:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Joiners Arms B
07-06-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C7 - 3Green Man C
07-06-201820:00Green Man B8 - 2The Clarendon
07-06-201820:00Cubbington Club3 - 7Sydenham Club
07-06-201820:00Builders Arms8 - 2Windmill
07-06-201820:00Joiners Arms A5 - 5Hope Tavern B
07-06-201820:00Greyhound6 - 4Fusilier A
07-06-201820:00Fusilier B6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar B
14-06-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Green Man A
14-06-201820:00Frames Club A7 - 3Frames Club C
14-06-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A4 - 6Bull Dog A
14-06-201820:00Tiltyard7 - 3Hope Tavern A
14-06-201820:00Nelson Club6 - 4Joiners Arms B
14-06-201820:00Green Man C6 - 4Wheatsheaf Taba
14-06-201820:00The Clarendon7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar C
14-06-201820:00Green Man B7 - 3Foresters Arms
14-06-201820:00Sydenham Club7 - 3Windmill
14-06-201820:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Radford Semele Club
14-06-201820:00Joiners Arms A5 - 5Builders Arms
14-06-201820:00Fusilier A6 - 4Green Man D
14-06-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B9 - 1Greyhound
21-06-201820:00Joiners Arms A5 - 6Bull Dog B
21-06-201820:00Bull Dog A6 - 3Green Man A
21-06-201820:00Cubbington Club6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar C
21-06-201820:00Green Man B4 - 6Sydenham Club
28-06-201820:00Hodcarrier6 - 4Bull Dog B
28-06-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A22 - 8Frames Club A
28-06-201820:00Frames Club C5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A
28-06-201820:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Tiltyard
28-06-201820:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Nelson Club
28-06-201820:00Hope Tavern A7 - 3Green Man C
28-06-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4The Clarendon
28-06-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C6 - 4Green Man B
28-06-201820:00Builders Arms4 - 6Sydenham Club
28-06-201820:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Hope Tavern B
28-06-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Joiners Arms A
28-06-201820:00Woodloes Tavern5 - 5Fusilier A
28-06-201820:00Green Man D5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
28-06-201820:00Greyhound4 - 6Fusilier B
05-07-201820:00Frames Club A5 - 5Green Man A
05-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A2
05-07-201820:00Bull Dog A10 - 0Hodcarrier
05-07-201820:00Tiltyard9 - 1Nelson Club
05-07-201820:00Green Man C8 - 2Joiners Arms B
05-07-201820:00The Clarendon7 - 3Hope Tavern A
05-07-201820:00Green Man B6 - 4Wheatsheaf Taba
05-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C10 - 0Foresters Arms
05-07-201820:00Hope Tavern B5 - 5Cubbington Club
05-07-201820:00Joiners Arms A6 - 4St Patrick's Club
05-07-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Builders Arms
05-07-201820:00Fusilier A7 - 3Jet
05-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
05-07-201820:00Fusilier B4 - 6Green Man D
12-07-201820:00Frames Club A10 - 0Bull Dog B
12-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A4 - 6Green Man A
12-07-201820:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Frames Club C
12-07-201820:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Tiltyard
12-07-201820:00Green Man C6 - 4Nelson Club
12-07-201820:00The Clarendon4 - 6Joiners Arms B
12-07-201820:00Green Man B9 - 1Hope Tavern A
12-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
12-07-201820:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Windmill
12-07-201820:00Joiners Arms A8 - 2Cubbington Club
12-07-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5St Patrick's Club
12-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 5Jet
12-07-201820:00Fusilier B4 - 6Woodloes Tavern
12-07-201820:00Greyhound1 - 9Green Man D
19-07-201820:00Jet4 - 6Builders Arms
19-07-201820:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Foresters Arms
19-07-201820:00The Clarendon2 - 7Tiltyard
19-07-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 2St Patrick's Club
19-07-201820:00Fusilier B6 - 4Hope Tavern B
19-07-201820:00Frames Club C6 - 5Green Man C
19-07-201820:00Green Man D1 - 6Frames Club A
19-07-201820:00Greyhound0 - 10Radford Semele Club
19-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A23 - 6Bull Dog A
19-07-201820:00Cubbington Club6 - 2Nelson Club
19-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 6Sydenham Club
19-07-201820:00Bull Dog B6 - 3Windmill
26-07-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
26-07-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A24 - 6Bull Dog A
26-07-201820:00Frames Club C10 - 0Hodcarrier
26-07-201820:00Tiltyard6 - 4Green Man C
26-07-201820:00Nelson Club6 - 4The Clarendon
26-07-201820:00Joiners Arms B5 - 5Green Man B
26-07-201820:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
26-07-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba3 - 7Foresters Arms
26-07-201820:00Sydenham Club6 - 4Hope Tavern B
26-07-201820:00Windmill6 - 4Joiners Arms A
26-07-201820:00Cubbington Club7 - 3Radford Semele Club
26-07-201820:00St Patrick's Club3 - 7Builders Arms
26-07-201820:00Jet5 - 5Fusilier B
26-07-201820:00Woodloes Tavern8 - 1Greyhound
02-08-201820:00Bull Dog A10 - 0Green Man A
02-08-201820:00Frames Club C0 - 10Cavern Sports Bar A2
02-08-201820:00Hodcarrier1 - 9Frames Club A
02-08-201820:00The Clarendon5 - 5Tiltyard
02-08-201820:00Green Man B8 - 2Nelson Club
02-08-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C10 - 0Joiners Arms B
02-08-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba3 - 7Hope Tavern A
02-08-201820:00Foresters Arms6 - 4Green Man C
02-08-201820:00Joiners Arms A3 - 7Sydenham Club
02-08-201820:00Radford Semele Club6 - 4Windmill
02-08-201820:00St Patrick's Club2 - 8Cubbington Club
02-08-201820:00Greyhound3 - 6Jet
02-08-201820:00Green Man D5 - 5Woodloes Tavern
09-08-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Bull Dog A
09-08-201820:00Green Man A4 - 6Frames Club C
09-08-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 4Hodcarrier
09-08-201820:00Frames Club A7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar A
09-08-201820:00Tiltyard5 - 5Green Man B
09-08-201820:00Nelson Club4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar C
09-08-201820:00Joiners Arms B5 - 5Wheatsheaf Taba
09-08-201820:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Foresters Arms
09-08-201820:00Green Man C7 - 3The Clarendon
09-08-201820:00Sydenham Club6 - 4Radford Semele Club
09-08-201820:00Windmill3 - 7St Patrick's Club
09-08-201820:00Cubbington Club6 - 4Builders Arms
09-08-201820:00Jet3 - 7Green Man D
09-08-201820:00Fusilier A4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
16-08-201820:00Radford Semele Club1 - 6Bull Dog A
16-08-201820:00Frames Club A6 - 3Sydenham Club
16-08-201820:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Tiltyard
16-08-201820:00Builders Arms11 - 0Wheatsheaf Taba
16-08-201820:00Hodcarrier4 - 7Fusilier B
16-08-201820:00Woodloes Tavern2 - 6Hope Tavern A
23-08-201820:00Frames Club C10 - 0Bull Dog B
23-08-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 4Green Man A
23-08-201820:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A
23-08-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Tiltyard
23-08-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba5 - 5Nelson Club
23-08-201820:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Joiners Arms B
23-08-201820:00Green Man B8 - 2Green Man C
23-08-201820:00Foresters Arms5 - 5The Clarendon
23-08-201820:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Sydenham Club
23-08-201820:00Cubbington Club5 - 5Windmill
23-08-201820:00Builders Arms4 - 6Hope Tavern B
23-08-201820:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Jet
23-08-201820:00Fusilier B1 - 9Fusilier A
30-08-201820:00Bull Dog B2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
30-08-201820:00Green Man A9 - 1Hodcarrier
30-08-201820:00Frames Club A5 - 5Bull Dog A
30-08-201820:00Tiltyard10 - 0Wheatsheaf Taba
30-08-201820:00Nelson Club8 - 2Hope Tavern A
30-08-201820:00Joiners Arms B10 - 0Foresters Arms
30-08-201820:00Green Man C4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar C
30-08-201820:00The Clarendon6 - 4Green Man B
30-08-201820:00Sydenham Club7 - 3Cubbington Club
30-08-201820:00Windmill5 - 5Builders Arms
30-08-201820:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Joiners Arms A
30-08-201820:00Fusilier A8 - 2Greyhound
30-08-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Fusilier B
06-09-201820:00Green Man A6 - 4Bull Dog B
06-09-201820:00Frames Club C2 - 8Frames Club A
06-09-201820:00Bull Dog A10 - 0Cavern Sports Bar A
06-09-201820:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Tiltyard
06-09-201820:00Joiners Arms B6 - 4Nelson Club
06-09-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Green Man C
06-09-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C7 - 3The Clarendon
06-09-201820:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Green Man B
06-09-201820:00Windmill2 - 8Sydenham Club
06-09-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Hope Tavern B
06-09-201820:00Builders Arms3 - 7Joiners Arms A
06-09-201820:00Green Man D4 - 6Fusilier A
06-09-201820:00Greyhound2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar B
13-09-201820:00Bull Dog B6 - 5Builders Arms
13-09-201820:00Fusilier B2 - 6Hope Tavern A
13-09-201820:00Frames Club A5 - 6Bull Dog A
20-09-201820:00Bull Dog B8 - 2Hodcarrier
20-09-201820:00Frames Club A4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
20-09-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Frames Club C
20-09-201820:00Tiltyard4 - 6Joiners Arms B
20-09-201820:00Nelson Club10 - 0Foresters Arms
20-09-201820:00Green Man C6 - 4Hope Tavern A
20-09-201820:00The Clarendon5 - 5Wheatsheaf Taba
20-09-201820:00Green Man B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
20-09-201820:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Builders Arms
20-09-201820:00Hope Tavern B7 - 3St Patrick's Club
20-09-201820:00Joiners Arms A3 - 7Radford Semele Club
20-09-201820:00Fusilier A6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
20-09-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Green Man D
20-09-201820:00Fusilier B2 - 8Greyhound
27-09-201820:00Green Man A3 - 7Frames Club A
27-09-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A23 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A
27-09-201820:00Hodcarrier1 - 9Bull Dog A
27-09-201820:00Nelson Club5 - 5Tiltyard
27-09-201820:00Joiners Arms B6 - 4Green Man C
27-09-201820:00Hope Tavern A3 - 7The Clarendon
27-09-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Green Man B
27-09-201820:00Foresters Arms8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar C
27-09-201820:00Cubbington Club7 - 3Hope Tavern B
27-09-201820:00St Patrick's Club2 - 8Joiners Arms A
27-09-201820:00Builders Arms4 - 6Radford Semele Club
27-09-201820:00Jet5 - 5Fusilier A
27-09-201820:00Woodloes Tavern5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
27-09-201820:00Green Man D6 - 4Fusilier B
11-10-201820:00Bull Dog B6 - 2Hope Tavern A
01-11-201820:00Sydenham Club8 - 2Frames Club C
01-11-201820:00Bull Dog A10 - 0Joiners Arms B
01-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Green Man B
01-11-201820:00Green Man A4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
01-11-201820:00Tiltyard10 - 0Bull Dog B
01-11-201820:00Frames Club A8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar C
01-11-201820:00Foresters Arms7 - 3Windmill
01-11-201820:00Hodcarrier5 - 5The Clarendon
01-11-201820:00Joiners Arms A2 - 8Wheatsheaf Taba
01-11-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Hope Tavern B
01-11-201820:00Green Man D7 - 3Fusilier A
01-11-201820:00Jet8 - 2Big Cat Coma
01-11-201820:00Fusilier B4 - 6Woodloes Tavern
01-11-201820:00The Avenue6 - 4Greyhound
08-11-201820:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Sydenham Club
08-11-201820:00Green Man B2 - 8Bull Dog A
08-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A
08-11-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Green Man A
08-11-201820:00Tiltyard6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar C
08-11-201820:00Frames Club C1 - 9Frames Club A
08-11-201820:00Windmill6 - 4Hope Tavern A
08-11-201820:00The Clarendon7 - 3Foresters Arms
08-11-201820:00Green Man C4 - 6Hodcarrier
08-11-201820:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Joiners Arms A
08-11-201820:00Fusilier A4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
08-11-201820:00Big Cat Coma2 - 8Green Man D
08-11-201820:00Woodloes Tavern4 - 6St Patrick's Club
08-11-201820:00Greyhound5 - 5Fusilier B
15-11-201820:00Sydenham Club8 - 2Green Man B
15-11-201820:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar A
15-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Bull Dog B
15-11-201820:00Green Man A5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
15-11-201820:00Tiltyard8 - 2Frames Club C
15-11-201820:00Frames Club A8 - 2Joiners Arms B
15-11-201820:00Hope Tavern A7 - 3The Clarendon
15-11-201820:00Foresters Arms7 - 3Green Man C
15-11-201820:00Hodcarrier6 - 4Wheatsheaf Taba
15-11-201820:00Radford Semele Club4 - 6Windmill
15-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Big Cat Coma
15-11-201820:00Jet6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
15-11-201820:00St Patrick's Club5 - 5Greyhound
15-11-201820:00The Avenue8 - 2Fusilier A
22-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A4 - 6Sydenham Club
22-11-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Bull Dog A
22-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
22-11-201820:00Frames Club C2 - 8Green Man A
22-11-201820:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Tiltyard
22-11-201820:00Green Man B2 - 8Frames Club A
22-11-201820:00Green Man C8 - 2Hope Tavern A
22-11-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Foresters Arms
22-11-201820:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Hodcarrier
22-11-201820:00Windmill3 - 7Joiners Arms A
22-11-201820:00The Clarendon9 - 1Radford Semele Club
22-11-201820:00Woodloes Tavern0 - 10Green Man D
22-11-201820:00Greyhound6 - 4Jet
22-11-201820:00Fusilier A1 - 9Fusilier B
22-11-201820:00Big Cat Coma1 - 9The Avenue
29-11-201820:00Sydenham Club8 - 2Bull Dog B
29-11-201820:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar C
29-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A24 - 6Frames Club C
29-11-201820:00Green Man A7 - 3Joiners Arms B
29-11-201820:00Tiltyard6 - 4Green Man B
29-11-201820:00Frames Club A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
29-11-201820:00Hope Tavern A4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
29-11-201820:00Foresters Arms9 - 1Hope Tavern B
29-11-201820:00Joiners Arms A9 - 1The Clarendon
29-11-201820:00Radford Semele Club4 - 6Green Man C
29-11-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
29-11-201820:00Green Man D7 - 3Greyhound
29-11-201820:00St Patrick's Club6 - 4Fusilier A
29-11-201820:00Fusilier B9 - 1Big Cat Coma
06-12-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C3 - 7Sydenham Club
06-12-201820:00Frames Club C4 - 6Bull Dog A
06-12-201820:00Joiners Arms B2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
06-12-201820:00Green Man B5 - 5Green Man A
06-12-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Tiltyard
06-12-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Frames Club A
06-12-201820:00Hope Tavern B7 - 2Hope Tavern A
06-12-201820:00Windmill5 - 5Hodcarrier
06-12-201820:00Green Man C5 - 5Joiners Arms A
06-12-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Radford Semele Club
06-12-201820:00Greyhound7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar B
06-12-201820:00Fusilier A5 - 5Jet
06-12-201820:00Big Cat Coma2 - 8St Patrick's Club
06-12-201820:00Woodloes Tavern4 - 6The Avenue
13-12-201820:00Sydenham Club2 - 8Frames Club A
13-12-201820:00Bull Dog A9 - 1Tiltyard
13-12-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Green Man A
13-12-201820:00Green Man B6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
13-12-201820:00Joiners Arms B7 - 3Bull Dog B
13-12-201820:00Frames Club C5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
13-12-201820:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Radford Semele Club
13-12-201820:00Foresters Arms7 - 3Joiners Arms A
13-12-201820:00The Clarendon5 - 5Green Man C
13-12-201820:00Windmill5 - 5Wheatsheaf Taba
13-12-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3The Avenue
13-12-201820:00Green Man D7 - 3Fusilier B
13-12-201820:00Jet6 - 4St Patrick's Club
13-12-201820:00Fusilier A6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
20-12-201820:00Tiltyard4 - 6Sydenham Club
20-12-201820:00Green Man A4 - 6Bull Dog A
20-12-201820:00Frames Club A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A2
20-12-201820:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Green Man B
20-12-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar C6 - 4Joiners Arms B
20-12-201820:00Cavern Sports Bar A8 - 2Frames Club C
20-12-201820:00Joiners Arms A4 - 6Hope Tavern A
20-12-201820:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Hodcarrier
20-12-201820:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4The Clarendon
20-12-201820:00Hope Tavern B7 - 3Windmill
20-12-201820:00Fusilier B3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar B
20-12-201820:00St Patrick's Club1 - 9Green Man D
20-12-201820:00The Avenue4 - 6Jet
20-12-201820:00Woodloes Tavern8 - 2Big Cat Coma
20-12-201820:00Greyhound6 - 4Fusilier A
03-01-201920:00Sydenham Club6 - 4Green Man A
03-01-201920:00Bull Dog A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A2
03-01-201920:00Green Man B7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar C
03-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Bull Dog B
03-01-201920:00Tiltyard1 - 9Frames Club A
03-01-201920:00Frames Club C10 - 0Joiners Arms B
03-01-201920:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Hodcarrier
03-01-201920:00The Clarendon7 - 3Hope Tavern B
03-01-201920:00Green Man C7 - 3Wheatsheaf Taba
03-01-201920:00Joiners Arms A5 - 5Radford Semele Club
03-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3St Patrick's Club
03-01-201920:00Green Man D3 - 7Jet
03-01-201920:00Big Cat Coma4 - 6Greyhound
03-01-201920:00Fusilier B4 - 6The Avenue
10-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Sydenham Club
10-01-201920:00Frames Club A3 - 7Bull Dog A
10-01-201920:00Green Man A5 - 5Tiltyard
10-01-201920:00Joiners Arms B5 - 5Green Man B
10-01-201920:00Bull Dog B7 - 3Frames Club C
10-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C1 - 9Cavern Sports Bar A
10-01-201920:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Hope Tavern A
10-01-201920:00Radford Semele Club2 - 8Foresters Arms
10-01-201920:00Windmill7 - 3The Clarendon
10-01-201920:00Hope Tavern B2 - 8Green Man C
10-01-201920:00Jet7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar B
10-01-201920:00The Avenue5 - 5Green Man D
10-01-201920:00St Patrick's Club4 - 6Fusilier B
10-01-201920:00Fusilier A6 - 4Big Cat Coma
17-01-201920:00Sydenham Club3 - 7Bull Dog A
17-01-201920:00Tiltyard1 - 9Cavern Sports Bar A2
17-01-201920:00Green Man A6 - 4Frames Club A
17-01-201920:00Bull Dog B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
17-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A7 - 3Joiners Arms B
17-01-201920:00Frames Club C6 - 4Green Man B
17-01-201920:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Foresters Arms
17-01-201920:00Joiners Arms A4 - 6Hodcarrier
17-01-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Hope Tavern B
17-01-201920:00Green Man C7 - 3Windmill
17-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Green Man D
17-01-201920:00Fusilier B3 - 7Jet
17-01-201920:00The Avenue5 - 5St Patrick's Club
17-01-201920:00Woodloes Tavern3 - 7Greyhound
24-01-201920:00Frames Club C1 - 9Sydenham Club
24-01-201920:00Joiners Arms B2 - 8Bull Dog A
24-01-201920:00Green Man B3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
24-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A7 - 3Green Man A
24-01-201920:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Tiltyard
24-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C2 - 8Frames Club A
24-01-201920:00Windmill5 - 5Foresters Arms
24-01-201920:00The Clarendon6 - 4Hodcarrier
24-01-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Joiners Arms A
24-01-201920:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Radford Semele Club
24-01-201920:00Fusilier A4 - 6Green Man D
24-01-201920:00Big Cat Coma2 - 8Jet
24-01-201920:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Fusilier B
24-01-201920:00Greyhound4 - 6The Avenue
31-01-201920:00Sydenham Club5 - 5Joiners Arms B
31-01-201920:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Green Man B
31-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
31-01-201920:00Green Man A6 - 4Bull Dog B
31-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Tiltyard
31-01-201920:00Frames Club A8 - 2Frames Club C
31-01-201920:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Windmill
31-01-201920:00Foresters Arms8 - 2The Clarendon
31-01-201920:00Hodcarrier7 - 3Green Man C
31-01-201920:00Joiners Arms A3 - 7Hope Tavern B
31-01-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Fusilier A
31-01-201920:00Green Man D6 - 4Big Cat Coma
31-01-201920:00St Patrick's Club8 - 2Woodloes Tavern
31-01-201920:00Fusilier B6 - 4Greyhound
07-02-201920:00Green Man B6 - 4Sydenham Club
07-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A2 - 8Bull Dog A
07-02-201920:00Bull Dog B2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
07-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C2 - 8Green Man A
07-02-201920:00Frames Club C6 - 4Tiltyard
07-02-201920:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Frames Club A
07-02-201920:00The Clarendon7 - 3Hope Tavern A
07-02-201920:00Green Man C3 - 7Foresters Arms
07-02-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Hodcarrier
07-02-201920:00Windmill6 - 4Radford Semele Club
07-02-201920:00Big Cat Coma1 - 9Cavern Sports Bar B
07-02-201920:00Woodloes Tavern3 - 7Jet
07-02-201920:00Greyhound6 - 4St Patrick's Club
07-02-201920:00Fusilier A5 - 5The Avenue
14-02-201920:00Sydenham Club7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar A
14-02-201920:00Bull Dog A6 - 4Bull Dog B
14-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A25 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
14-02-201920:00Green Man A10 - 0Frames Club C
14-02-201920:00Tiltyard7 - 3Joiners Arms B
14-02-201920:00Frames Club A10 - 0Green Man B
14-02-201920:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Green Man C
14-02-201920:00Foresters Arms7 - 3Wheatsheaf Taba
14-02-201920:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Hope Tavern B
14-02-201920:00Joiners Arms A6 - 4Windmill
14-02-201920:00Radford Semele Club2 - 8The Clarendon
14-02-201920:00Green Man D4 - 6Woodloes Tavern
14-02-201920:00Jet5 - 5Greyhound
14-02-201920:00Fusilier B8 - 2Fusilier A
14-02-201920:00The Avenue8 - 2Big Cat Coma
21-02-201920:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Sydenham Club
21-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C1 - 9Bull Dog A
21-02-201920:00Frames Club C2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
21-02-201920:00Joiners Arms B2 - 8Green Man A
21-02-201920:00Green Man B6 - 4Tiltyard
21-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A2 - 8Frames Club A
21-02-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba7 - 3Hope Tavern A
21-02-201920:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Foresters Arms
21-02-201920:00The Clarendon5 - 5Joiners Arms A
21-02-201920:00Green Man C2 - 8Radford Semele Club
21-02-201920:00Woodloes Tavern4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
21-02-201920:00Greyhound8 - 2Green Man D
21-02-201920:00Fusilier A6 - 4St Patrick's Club
21-02-201920:00Big Cat Coma3 - 7Fusilier B
28-02-201920:00Sydenham Club7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar C
28-02-201920:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Frames Club C
28-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Joiners Arms B
28-02-201920:00Green Man A3 - 7Green Man B
28-02-201920:00Tiltyard6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
28-02-201920:00Frames Club A9 - 1Bull Dog B
28-02-201920:00Hope Tavern A1 - 9Hope Tavern B
28-02-201920:00Hodcarrier7 - 3Windmill
28-02-201920:00Joiners Arms A4 - 6Green Man C
28-02-201920:00Radford Semele Club4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
28-02-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Greyhound
28-02-201920:00Jet8 - 2Fusilier A
28-02-201920:00St Patrick's Club7 - 3Big Cat Coma
28-02-201920:00The Avenue4 - 6Woodloes Tavern
14-03-201920:00Frames Club A9 - 1Sydenham Club
14-03-201920:00Tiltyard4 - 6Bull Dog A
14-03-201920:00Green Man A4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
14-03-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A3 - 7Green Man B
14-03-201920:00Bull Dog B3 - 7Joiners Arms B
14-03-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C1 - 9Frames Club C
14-03-201920:00Radford Semele Club7 - 3Hope Tavern A
14-03-201920:00Joiners Arms A2 - 8Foresters Arms
14-03-201920:00Green Man C3 - 7The Clarendon
14-03-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Windmill
14-03-201920:00The Avenue7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar B
14-03-201920:00Fusilier B6 - 4Green Man D
14-03-201920:00St Patrick's Club6 - 4Jet
14-03-201920:00Woodloes Tavern8 - 2Fusilier A
21-03-201920:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Tiltyard
21-03-201920:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Green Man A
21-03-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A21 - 9Frames Club A
21-03-201920:00Green Man B6 - 4Bull Dog B
21-03-201920:00Joiners Arms B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
21-03-201920:00Frames Club C4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
21-03-201920:00Hope Tavern A9 - 1Joiners Arms A
21-03-201920:00Hodcarrier9 - 1Radford Semele Club
21-03-201920:00The Clarendon6 - 4Wheatsheaf Taba
21-03-201920:00Windmill3 - 7Hope Tavern B
21-03-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Fusilier B
21-03-201920:00Green Man D2 - 8St Patrick's Club
21-03-201920:00Jet5 - 5The Avenue
21-03-201920:00Big Cat Coma4 - 6Woodloes Tavern
21-03-201920:00Fusilier A3 - 7Greyhound
28-03-201920:00Green Man A7 - 3Sydenham Club
28-03-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A23 - 7Bull Dog A
28-03-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Green Man B
28-03-201920:00Bull Dog B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A
28-03-201920:00Frames Club A6 - 4Tiltyard
28-03-201920:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Frames Club C
28-03-201920:00Hodcarrier3 - 7Foresters Arms
28-03-201920:00Hope Tavern B5 - 5The Clarendon
28-03-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba5 - 5Green Man C
28-03-201920:00Radford Semele Club7 - 3Joiners Arms A
28-03-201920:00St Patrick's Club3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar B
28-03-201920:00Jet7 - 3Green Man D
28-03-201920:00Greyhound4 - 6Big Cat Coma
28-03-201920:00The Avenue2 - 7Fusilier B
04-04-201920:00Sydenham Club3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
04-04-201920:00Bull Dog A4 - 6Frames Club A
04-04-201920:00Tiltyard5 - 5Green Man A
04-04-201920:00Green Man B5 - 5Joiners Arms B
04-04-201920:00Frames Club C4 - 6Bull Dog B
04-04-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar C
04-04-201920:00Hope Tavern A3 - 7Hodcarrier
04-04-201920:00Foresters Arms8 - 2Radford Semele Club
04-04-201920:00The Clarendon8 - 2Windmill
04-04-201920:00Green Man C8 - 2Hope Tavern B
04-04-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Jet
04-04-201920:00Green Man D5 - 5The Avenue
04-04-201920:00Fusilier B5 - 5St Patrick's Club
04-04-201920:00Big Cat Coma5 - 5Fusilier A
11-04-201920:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Sydenham Club
11-04-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Tiltyard
11-04-201920:00Frames Club A8 - 2Green Man A
11-04-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C9 - 1Bull Dog B
11-04-201920:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A
11-04-201920:00Green Man B5 - 5Frames Club C
11-04-201920:00Foresters Arms8 - 1Hope Tavern A
11-04-201920:00Hodcarrier7 - 3Joiners Arms A
11-04-201920:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4Wheatsheaf Taba
11-04-201920:00Windmill5 - 5Green Man C
11-04-201920:00Green Man D4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
11-04-201920:00Jet5 - 4Fusilier B
11-04-201920:00St Patrick's Club8 - 2The Avenue
11-04-201920:00Greyhound6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
02-05-201920:00Foresters Arms6 - 4Sydenham Club
02-05-201920:00Tiltyard4 - 6Frames Club C
02-05-201920:00Green Man A3 - 7Bull Dog A
02-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Green Man B
02-05-201920:00Frames Club A8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A
02-05-201920:00The Clarendon7 - 3Builders Arms
02-05-201920:00Joiners Arms B5 - 5Nelson Club
02-05-201920:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Hope Tavern B
02-05-201920:00Green Man C3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar C
02-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 5Wheatsheaf Taba
02-05-201920:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Radford Semele Club
02-05-201920:00Cubbington Club6 - 4Joiners Arms A
02-05-201920:00Jet8 - 2Windmill
02-05-201920:00Fusilier B7 - 3Green Man D
02-05-201920:00Big Cat Coma6 - 4Bowling Green
02-05-201920:00The Avenue7 - 3St Patrick's Club
02-05-201920:00Woodloes Tavern7 - 3Fusilier A
09-05-201920:00Frames Club C6 - 4Foresters Arms
09-05-201920:00Bull Dog A6 - 4Tiltyard
09-05-201920:00Green Man B5 - 5Green Man A
09-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar A2
09-05-201920:00Sydenham Club3 - 7Frames Club A
09-05-201920:00Builders Arms3 - 7Hodcarrier
09-05-201920:00Nelson Club4 - 6The Clarendon
09-05-201920:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Joiners Arms B
09-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C3 - 7Bull Dog B
09-05-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba9 - 1Greyhound
09-05-201920:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
09-05-201920:00Joiners Arms A6 - 4Hope Tavern A
09-05-201920:00Windmill4 - 5Cubbington Club
09-05-201920:00Green Man D4 - 6Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
09-05-201920:00Bowling Green5 - 5Fusilier B
09-05-201920:00St Patrick's Club6 - 4Big Cat Coma
09-05-201920:00Fusilier A5 - 5The Avenue
16-05-201920:00Foresters Arms2 - 8Bull Dog A
16-05-201920:00Tiltyard5 - 5Green Man B
16-05-201920:00Green Man A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
16-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A24 - 6Frames Club A
16-05-201920:00Frames Club C6 - 4Sydenham Club
16-05-201920:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Nelson Club
16-05-201920:00The Clarendon6 - 4Hope Tavern B
16-05-201920:00Joiners Arms B2 - 8Cavern Sports Bar C
16-05-201920:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Green Man C
16-05-201920:00Greyhound4 - 6Radford Semele Club
16-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Joiners Arms A
16-05-201920:00Hope Tavern A9 - 1Windmill
16-05-201920:00Cubbington Club6 - 4Jet
16-05-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC6 - 4Bowling Green
16-05-201920:00Fusilier B6 - 4St Patrick's Club
16-05-201920:00Big Cat Coma1 - 9Fusilier A
16-05-201920:00The Avenue10 - 0Woodloes Tavern
23-05-201920:00Green Man B4 - 6Foresters Arms
23-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Tiltyard
23-05-201920:00Frames Club A9 - 1Green Man A
23-05-201920:00Sydenham Club3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A2
23-05-201920:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Frames Club C
23-05-201920:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Hodcarrier
23-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C5 - 5The Clarendon
23-05-201920:00Green Man C7 - 3Joiners Arms B
23-05-201920:00Nelson Club4 - 6Builders Arms
23-05-201920:00Joiners Arms A4 - 6Greyhound
23-05-201920:00Windmill6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar B
23-05-201920:00Jet8 - 2Hope Tavern A
23-05-201920:00Radford Semele Club4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
23-05-201920:00St Patrick's Club3 - 7Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
23-05-201920:00Fusilier A3 - 7Fusilier B
23-05-201920:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Big Cat Coma
23-05-201920:00Bowling Green4 - 6Green Man D
30-05-201920:00Fusilier B6 - 4Bowling Green
30-05-201920:00Radford Semele Club6 - 1Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
30-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C2 - 6Frames Club A
30-05-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 3St Patrick's Club
30-05-201920:00Hodcarrier6 - 0The Avenue
30-05-201920:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Frames Club C
30-05-201920:00Bull Dog A6 - 2Joiners Arms B
30-05-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 1Fusilier A
30-05-201920:00Green Man B5 - 6Nelson Club
30-05-201920:00Green Man C6 - 4Bull Dog B
30-05-201920:00Hope Tavern A2 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
30-05-201920:00Windmill5 - 6Greyhound
30-05-201920:00Cubbington Club6 - 1Builders Arms
30-05-201920:00Tiltyard6 - 0Green Man D
30-05-201920:00Woodloes Tavern0 - 6Foresters Arms
30-05-201920:00Jet6 - 4Big Cat Coma
30-05-201920:00The Clarendon6 - 5Green Man A
30-05-201920:00Joiners Arms A3 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
06-06-201920:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
06-06-201920:00Tiltyard4 - 6Frames Club A
06-06-201920:00Green Man A4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
06-06-201920:00Frames Club C4 - 6Green Man B
06-06-201920:00Bull Dog A9 - 1Sydenham Club
06-06-201920:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar C
06-06-201920:00The Clarendon5 - 5Green Man C
06-06-201920:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Bull Dog B
06-06-201920:00Builders Arms6 - 4Hope Tavern B
06-06-201920:00Greyhound8 - 2Windmill
06-06-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 5Jet
06-06-201920:00Hope Tavern A5 - 5Cubbington Club
06-06-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba7 - 3Joiners Arms A
06-06-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC7 - 3Fusilier A
06-06-201920:00Fusilier B10 - 0Woodloes Tavern
06-06-201920:00Big Cat Coma7 - 3The Avenue
06-06-201920:00Green Man D3 - 7St Patrick's Club
11-06-201920:00Martin Tonks3 - 1James Harris
11-06-201920:00Paul Harris1 - 3Ricky Nelson
11-06-201920:00Liam Heffernan0 - 3Simon Gelfs
11-06-201920:45Nicki Thompson2 - 3Matthew Crowther
11-06-201920:45Andy Butler3 - 0Krishan Bhardwaj
11-06-201920:45Harj Dhesi3 - 1Ben Brown
11-06-201921:30Danny Buckingham3 - 0William Leadley
11-06-201921:30Ryan Goddard2 - 3Jamie Rheams
11-06-201921:30Rhys Bufton0 - 3James Hartwell
13-06-201920:00Frames Club A7 - 3Foresters Arms
13-06-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Tiltyard
13-06-201920:00Sydenham Club8 - 2Green Man A
13-06-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A7 - 3Frames Club C
13-06-201920:00Green Man B3 - 7Bull Dog A
13-06-201920:00Green Man C4 - 6Hodcarrier
13-06-201920:00Bull Dog B5 - 5The Clarendon
13-06-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C6 - 4Builders Arms
13-06-201920:00Hope Tavern B5 - 5Nelson Club
13-06-201920:00Jet6 - 4Greyhound
13-06-201920:00Cubbington Club5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
13-06-201920:00Windmill2 - 8Wheatsheaf Taba
13-06-201920:00Joiners Arms A8 - 2Radford Semele Club
13-06-201920:00Woodloes Tavern5 - 5Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
13-06-201920:00The Avenue5 - 5Fusilier B
13-06-201920:00Fusilier A2 - 8Green Man D
13-06-201920:00St Patrick's Club7 - 3Bowling Green
18-06-201920:00Smart and Rheams3 - 2Porter and Tool
18-06-201920:00Butler and Bibby2 - 3Price and Price
18-06-201920:00Griffin and Poynter3 - 2Robinson and Devis
18-06-201921:00McCrorie and Roberts0 - 3Nash and Butterworth
18-06-201921:00Smith and Hudson0 - 3Loveridge and Loveridge
18-06-201921:00Nelson and Pettipher3 - 1Bolt and Trinder
19-06-201920:00Talbot and Pinaich0 - 3O'Reilly and Dunne
19-06-201920:00Hartwell and Faulkner2 - 3Howe and Gelfs
19-06-201920:00Maguire and Virdi2 - 3Crossley and Crossley
19-06-201921:00Roberts and Cosgrove2 - 3Collins and Harris
19-06-201921:00Pearce and Kelly0 - 3Saxton and Larner
19-06-201921:00Wood and Wood0 - 3Tonks and Wood
19-06-201921:00Haswell and Castle1 - 3Gardner and Dawson
20-06-201920:00Foresters Arms4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
20-06-201920:00Tiltyard5 - 5Green Man A
20-06-201920:00Frames Club C3 - 7Frames Club A
20-06-201920:00Bull Dog A7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar A
20-06-201920:00Green Man B2 - 8Sydenham Club
20-06-201920:00Hodcarrier6 - 4Bull Dog B
20-06-201920:00The Clarendon6 - 4Joiners Arms B
20-06-201920:00Builders Arms4 - 6Green Man C
20-06-201920:00Nelson Club4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar C
20-06-201920:00Greyhound4 - 6Cubbington Club
20-06-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B5 - 5Hope Tavern A
20-06-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba6 - 4Jet
20-06-201920:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Windmill
20-06-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC10 - 0The Avenue
20-06-201920:00Fusilier B7 - 3Big Cat Coma
20-06-201920:00Green Man D6 - 4Woodloes Tavern
20-06-201920:00Bowling Green3 - 7Fusilier A
25-06-201920:00Dave Nash3 - 0Ben Rodgers
25-06-201920:00Harry Crossley0 - 3John Powell
25-06-201920:00Paul Falkner3 - 1Ricky Nelson
25-06-201920:00Simon Gelfs0 - 3Paul Crossley
25-06-201921:00Steve Mullan3 - 0Luke Wood
25-06-201921:00Kevin Robinson3 - 0Rob Loveridge
25-06-201921:00John Stemp0 - 3Danny Buckingham
25-06-201921:00Darren McMillan1 - 3Pash Jugpal
26-06-201920:00Nick Wood0 - 3Paul Thompson
26-06-201920:00Andrew Hudson3 - 2Shona Haswell
26-06-201920:00Craig Pettipher3 - 0Andy Leadley
26-06-201920:00Dan Griffin3 - 1James Hartwell
26-06-201921:00Phil Poynter3 - 1Pete Cosgrove
26-06-201921:00Gee Virdi0 - 3Andy Juckes
26-06-201921:00Richard Howe2 - 3Ian Grindrod
26-06-201921:00Jordan Evetts3 - 2Dave Porter
27-06-201920:00Tiltyard6 - 5Foresters Arms
27-06-201920:00Hodcarrier1 - 9Cavern Sports Bar A2
27-06-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba8 - 0Hope Tavern B
02-07-201920:00Lee Bolt3 - 0Robbie Butterworth
02-07-201920:00Harj Dhesi2 - 3Dean O'Reilly
02-07-201920:00Ryan Gardner2 - 3Liam Collins
02-07-201921:00Abel Costa0 - 3Andy Draper
02-07-201921:00Luke Barnes1 - 1Sean Collins
02-07-201921:00Chris Haswell3 - 1David Larner
02-07-201921:00Matty Smith0 - 3Danny Trinder
03-07-201920:00Neville Tapp1 - 3Dean Loveridge
03-07-201920:00Martin Tonks3 - 1Josh Boyce
03-07-201920:00Andi Roland0 - 3Billy Morton
03-07-201920:00Dave Allcott3 - 1Jamie Rheams
03-07-201921:00Mark Doughty3 - 1Matthew Crowther
03-07-201921:00Sammy Dunne3 - 0Michael Smith
03-07-201921:00Dave Talbot2 - 3Craig Saxton
03-07-201921:00Suki Saikon0 - 3Brandon Tatlow
03-07-201921:00Andy Butler3 - 2Martyn Bibby
04-07-201920:00Green Man A5 - 5Foresters Arms
04-07-201920:00Sydenham Club6 - 4Tiltyard
04-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Frames Club C
04-07-201920:00Frames Club A7 - 3Bull Dog A
04-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A3 - 7Green Man B
04-07-201920:00Joiners Arms B4 - 6Hodcarrier
04-07-201920:00Bull Dog B5 - 5Builders Arms
04-07-201920:00Green Man C7 - 3Nelson Club
04-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C8 - 2Hope Tavern B
04-07-201920:00Hope Tavern A7 - 3Greyhound
04-07-201920:00Cubbington Club8 - 2Wheatsheaf Taba
04-07-201920:00Jet7 - 3Radford Semele Club
04-07-201920:00Windmill5 - 5Joiners Arms A
04-07-201920:00Big Cat Coma6 - 4Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
04-07-201920:00The Avenue4 - 6Green Man D
04-07-201920:00Woodloes Tavern7 - 3Bowling Green
04-07-201920:00Fusilier A6 - 4St Patrick's Club
09-07-201920:00Crowther and Goddard0 - 3Evetts and Eales
09-07-201920:00Collins and Harris1 - 3Smart and Rheams
09-07-201920:00Leadley and Collins0 - 3Nash and Butterworth
09-07-201920:00Brown and Brown0 - 3Walsh and Bufton
09-07-201921:00Price and Price1 - 3Thompson and Haswell
09-07-201921:00Loveridge and Loveridge0 - 3Stephens and Harris
09-07-201921:00Tandy and Doughty3 - 1Wright and Murray
09-07-201921:00Tonks and Wood3 - 1Griffin and Poynter
10-07-201920:00Powell and Allcott1 - 3Owen and Loveridge
10-07-201920:00Gardner and Dawson3 - 1Tapp and Young
10-07-201920:00Bolt and McGarry3 - 1Crossley and Crossley
10-07-201920:00Juckes and Buckingham1 - 3Draper and Dhesi
10-07-201920:00O'Reilly and Dunne2 - 3Howe and Gelfs
10-07-201921:00Kiebel and Byrne2 - 3Saxton and Larner
10-07-201921:00Tatlow and Mullan1 - 1Barnes and Boyce
10-07-201921:00Thompson and Thompson2 - 3Nelson and Pettipher
11-07-201920:00Foresters Arms6 - 4Tiltyard
11-07-201920:00Frames Club C5 - 5Green Man A
11-07-201920:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A2
11-07-201920:00Green Man B4 - 6Frames Club A
11-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A3 - 7Sydenham Club
11-07-201920:00Hodcarrier6 - 4The Clarendon
11-07-201920:00Builders Arms6 - 4Joiners Arms B
11-07-201920:00Nelson Club4 - 6Bull Dog B
11-07-201920:00Hope Tavern B4 - 6Green Man C
11-07-201920:00Greyhound5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
11-07-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Hope Tavern A
11-07-201920:00Radford Semele Club6 - 4Cubbington Club
11-07-201920:00Joiners Arms A7 - 3Jet
11-07-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC4 - 6Fusilier B
11-07-201920:00Green Man D9 - 1Big Cat Coma
11-07-201920:00Bowling Green4 - 6The Avenue
11-07-201920:00St Patrick's Club5 - 5Woodloes Tavern
18-07-201920:00Sydenham Club6 - 4Foresters Arms
18-07-201920:00Frames Club C3 - 7Tiltyard
18-07-201920:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Green Man A
18-07-201920:00Green Man B5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar A2
18-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A3 - 7Frames Club A
18-07-201920:00Builders Arms3 - 7The Clarendon
18-07-201920:00Nelson Club6 - 4Joiners Arms B
18-07-201920:00Hope Tavern B3 - 7Bull Dog B
18-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Green Man C
18-07-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba0 - 10Cavern Sports Bar B
18-07-201920:00Radford Semele Club6 - 4Hope Tavern A
18-07-201920:00Joiners Arms A2 - 8Cubbington Club
18-07-201920:00Windmill6 - 4Jet
18-07-201920:00Green Man D6 - 4Fusilier B
18-07-201920:00Bowling Green4 - 6Big Cat Coma
18-07-201920:00St Patrick's Club7 - 3The Avenue
18-07-201920:00Fusilier A7 - 3Woodloes Tavern
25-07-201920:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar C
25-07-201920:00Bowling Green2 - 8Green Man A
25-07-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC6 - 3Fusilier A
25-07-201920:00Builders Arms6 - 3Green Man B
25-07-201920:00Sydenham Club8 - 2Joiners Arms A
25-07-201920:00Joiners Arms B5 - 6Windmill
25-07-201920:00Big Cat Coma6 - 4Bull Dog B
25-07-201920:00St Patrick's Club6 - 5Hope Tavern A
25-07-201920:00Tiltyard6 - 2Frames Club C
25-07-201920:00Green Man C5 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
25-07-201920:00Fusilier B0 - 6Greyhound
25-07-201920:00Radford Semele Club6 - 5The Clarendon
25-07-201920:00Nelson Club1 - 9Bull Dog A
25-07-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba5 - 6Cavern Sports Bar B
25-07-201920:00Frames Club A5 - 6Cubbington Club
25-07-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 6Jet
01-08-201920:00Foresters Arms7 - 3Frames Club C
01-08-201920:00Tiltyard2 - 8Bull Dog A
01-08-201920:00Green Man A6 - 4Green Man B
01-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A28 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A
01-08-201920:00Frames Club A7 - 3Sydenham Club
01-08-201920:00Hodcarrier5 - 5Builders Arms
01-08-201920:00The Clarendon4 - 6Nelson Club
01-08-201920:00Joiners Arms B10 - 0Hope Tavern B
01-08-201920:00Bull Dog B4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar C
01-08-201920:00Greyhound4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
01-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Radford Semele Club
01-08-201920:00Hope Tavern A0 - 10Joiners Arms A
01-08-201920:00Cubbington Club7 - 3Windmill
01-08-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC7 - 3Green Man D
01-08-201920:00Fusilier B10 - 0Bowling Green
01-08-201920:00Big Cat Coma3 - 7St Patrick's Club
01-08-201920:00The Avenue5 - 5Fusilier A
06-08-201918:00Paul Crossley3 - 1Brandon Tatlow
06-08-201920:00Dean Loveridge0 - 3Martin Tonks
06-08-201920:00Lee Bolt1 - 3Billy Morton
06-08-201920:00Steve Mullan3 - 0Andy Juckes
06-08-201920:00Kevin Robinson2 - 3Danny Buckingham
06-08-201920:00Ian Grindrod3 - 0Dan Griffin
06-08-201921:00Andy Butler2 - 3John Powell
06-08-201921:00Craig Pettipher2 - 3Pash Jugpal
07-08-201920:00Paul Thompson2 - 3Dave Nash
07-08-201920:00Chris Haswell2 - 3Phil Poynter
07-08-201920:00Paul Falkner0 - 3Dave Allcott
07-08-201921:00Mark Doughty1 - 3Sammy Dunne
07-08-201921:00Craig Saxton3 - 0Andy Draper
07-08-201921:00Andrew Hudson0 - 3Liam Collins
07-08-201921:00Jordan Evetts3 - 0Danny Trinder
08-08-201920:00Bull Dog A10 - 0Foresters Arms
08-08-201920:00Green Man B8 - 2Tiltyard
08-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A4 - 6Green Man A
08-08-201920:00Frames Club A8 - 2Cavern Sports Bar A2
08-08-201920:00Sydenham Club9 - 1Frames Club C
08-08-201920:00Nelson Club3 - 7Hodcarrier
08-08-201920:00Hope Tavern B6 - 4The Clarendon
08-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C3 - 7Joiners Arms B
08-08-201920:00Green Man C3 - 7Bull Dog B
08-08-201920:00Radford Semele Club7 - 3Greyhound
08-08-201920:00Joiners Arms A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar B
08-08-201920:00Windmill5 - 5Hope Tavern A
08-08-201920:00Jet5 - 5Cubbington Club
08-08-201920:00Bowling Green3 - 7Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
08-08-201920:00St Patrick's Club8 - 2Fusilier B
08-08-201920:00Fusilier A7 - 3Big Cat Coma
08-08-201920:00Woodloes Tavern3 - 7The Avenue
15-08-201920:00Foresters Arms6 - 4Green Man B
15-08-201920:00Tiltyard4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
15-08-201920:00Green Man A2 - 8Frames Club A
15-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 4Sydenham Club
15-08-201920:00Frames Club C4 - 6Bull Dog A
15-08-201920:00Hodcarrier3 - 7Hope Tavern B
15-08-201920:00The Clarendon3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar C
15-08-201920:00Joiners Arms B3 - 7Green Man C
15-08-201920:00Builders Arms3 - 7Nelson Club
15-08-201920:00Greyhound7 - 2Joiners Arms A
15-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B7 - 3Windmill
15-08-201920:00Hope Tavern A3 - 7Jet
15-08-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Radford Semele Club
15-08-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC9 - 1St Patrick's Club
15-08-201920:00Fusilier B6 - 4Fusilier A
15-08-201920:00Big Cat Coma3 - 7Woodloes Tavern
15-08-201920:00Green Man D6 - 4Bowling Green
20-08-201920:00Smart and Rheams2 - 3Thompson and Haswell
20-08-201920:00Nash and Butterworth3 - 0Evetts and Eales
20-08-201920:00Nelson and Pettipher1 - 3Stephens and Harris
20-08-201920:00Howe and Gelfs1 - 3Walsh and Bufton
20-08-201921:00Draper and Dhesi3 - 0Tandy and Doughty
20-08-201921:00Saxton and Larner3 - 2Bolt and McGarry
20-08-201921:00Owen and Loveridge3 - 2Gardner and Dawson
22-08-201920:00Jet6 - 1Cavern Sports Bar B
22-08-201920:00Bull Dog A6 - 0Tiltyard
22-08-201920:00Radford Semele Club2 - 8Cubbington Club
22-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A26 - 3Greyhound
22-08-201920:00Builders Arms2 - 6Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
22-08-201920:00Woodloes Tavern3 - 6St Patrick's Club
22-08-201920:00Green Man A9 - 1Big Cat Coma
22-08-201920:00Sydenham Club6 - 4Windmill
29-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A5 - 5Foresters Arms
29-08-201920:00Frames Club A6 - 4Tiltyard
29-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A27 - 3Green Man A
29-08-201920:00Green Man B8 - 2Frames Club C
29-08-201920:00Sydenham Club2 - 8Bull Dog A
29-08-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C9 - 1Hodcarrier
29-08-201920:00Green Man C3 - 7The Clarendon
29-08-201920:00Bull Dog B6 - 4Joiners Arms B
29-08-201920:00Hope Tavern B5 - 5Builders Arms
29-08-201920:00Windmill6 - 4Greyhound
29-08-201920:00Jet5 - 5Cavern Sports Bar B
29-08-201920:00Cubbington Club3 - 7Hope Tavern A
29-08-201920:00Joiners Arms A7 - 3Wheatsheaf Taba
29-08-201920:00Fusilier A4 - 6Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
29-08-201920:00Woodloes Tavern6 - 4Fusilier B
29-08-201920:00The Avenue6 - 4Big Cat Coma
29-08-201920:00St Patrick's Club6 - 4Green Man D
03-09-201920:00Billy Morton3 - 0Steve Mullan
03-09-201920:00Dave Allcott0 - 3Danny Buckingham
03-09-201920:00Martin Tonks3 - 0Dean O'Reilly
03-09-201920:00Dave Nash2 - 3Phil Poynter
03-09-201921:00Pash Jugpal3 - 1Sammy Dunne
03-09-201921:00Jordan Evetts2 - 3Ian Grindrod
03-09-201921:00Liam Collins2 - 3John Powell
03-09-201921:00Paul Crossley0 - 3Craig Saxton
05-09-201920:00Foresters Arms3 - 7Frames Club A
05-09-201920:00Tiltyard4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A2
05-09-201920:00Green Man A5 - 5Sydenham Club
05-09-201920:00Frames Club C6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar A
05-09-201920:00Bull Dog A9 - 1Green Man B
05-09-201920:00Hodcarrier4 - 6Green Man C
05-09-201920:00The Clarendon4 - 6Bull Dog B
05-09-201920:00Builders Arms4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar C
05-09-201920:00Nelson Club7 - 3Hope Tavern B
05-09-201920:00Greyhound4 - 6Jet
05-09-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B6 - 4Cubbington Club
05-09-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba4 - 6Windmill
05-09-201920:00Radford Semele Club5 - 5Joiners Arms A
05-09-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC5 - 5Woodloes Tavern
05-09-201920:00Fusilier B5 - 5The Avenue
05-09-201920:00Green Man D3 - 7Fusilier A
05-09-201920:00Bowling Green3 - 7St Patrick's Club
10-09-201920:00Stephens and Harris4 - 1Saxton and Larner
10-09-201920:00Nash and Butterworth4 - 2Tonks and Wood
10-09-201920:00Walsh and Bufton4 - 3Owen and Loveridge
10-09-201920:00Thompson and Haswell1 - 4Draper and Dhesi
12-09-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A25 - 5Foresters Arms
12-09-201920:00Green Man A6 - 2Tiltyard
12-09-201920:00Frames Club A8 - 2Frames Club C
12-09-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A1 - 9Bull Dog A
12-09-201920:00Sydenham Club7 - 3Green Man B
12-09-201920:00Bull Dog B9 - 1Hodcarrier
12-09-201920:00Joiners Arms B6 - 4The Clarendon
12-09-201920:00Green Man C5 - 5Builders Arms
12-09-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar C4 - 6Nelson Club
12-09-201920:00Cubbington Club5 - 5Greyhound
12-09-201920:00Hope Tavern A6 - 4Cavern Sports Bar B
12-09-201920:00Jet5 - 5Wheatsheaf Taba
12-09-201920:00Windmill6 - 4Radford Semele Club
12-09-201920:00The Avenue6 - 4Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
12-09-201920:00Big Cat Coma6 - 4Fusilier B
12-09-201920:00Woodloes Tavern4 - 6Green Man D
12-09-201920:00Fusilier A6 - 4Bowling Green
18-09-201920:00Martin Tonks4 - 0Phil Poynter
18-09-201920:00Billy Morton4 - 0Danny Buckingham
18-09-201920:00Pash Jugpal4 - 2Ian Grindrod
18-09-201920:30John Powell1 - 4Craig Saxton
19-09-201920:00Builders Arms4 - 6Bull Dog B
19-09-201920:00Joiners Arms A6 - 4Windmill
19-09-201920:00Big Cat Coma4 - 6Green Man D
19-09-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A23 - 6Bull Dog A
19-09-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC3 - 6Green Man A
19-09-201920:00Sydenham Club6 - 2St Patrick's Club
19-09-201920:00Cubbington Club6 - 3Jet
24-09-201920:00Nash and Butterworth4 - 3Walsh and Bufton
24-09-201920:00Draper and Dhesi4 - 2Stephens and Harris
26-09-201920:00Foresters Arms5 - 5Green Man A
26-09-201920:00Tiltyard3 - 7Sydenham Club
26-09-201920:00Frames Club C1 - 9Cavern Sports Bar A2
26-09-201920:00Bull Dog A8 - 2Frames Club A
26-09-201920:00Green Man B3 - 7Cavern Sports Bar A
26-09-201920:00Hodcarrier7 - 3Joiners Arms B
26-09-201920:00Nelson Club7 - 3Green Man C
26-09-201920:00Hope Tavern B7 - 3Cavern Sports Bar C
26-09-201920:00Greyhound5 - 5Hope Tavern A
26-09-201920:00Wheatsheaf Taba2 - 8Cubbington Club
26-09-201920:00Radford Semele Club3 - 7Jet
26-09-201920:00Bishops Tachbrook S&SC7 - 3Big Cat Coma
26-09-201920:00Green Man D10 - 0The Avenue
26-09-201920:00Bowling Green2 - 8Woodloes Tavern
26-09-201920:00St Patrick's Club8 - 2Fusilier A
01-10-201920:00Pash Jugpal4 - 3Billy Morton
01-10-201920:00Craig Saxton0 - 4Martin Tonks
03-10-201920:00Tiltyard10 - 0Foresters Arms
03-10-201920:00Green Man A5 - 5Frames Club C
03-10-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar A21 - 9Bull Dog A
03-10-201920:00Frames Club A7 - 3Green Man B
03-10-201920:00Sydenham Club4 - 6Cavern Sports Bar A
03-10-201920:00The Clarendon7 - 3Hodcarrier
03-10-201920:00Joiners Arms B6 - 4Builders Arms
03-10-201920:00Bull Dog B2 - 8Nelson Club
03-10-201920:00Green Man C8 - 2Hope Tavern B
03-10-201920:00Cavern Sports Bar B10 - 0Greyhound
03-10-201920:00Hope Tavern A4 - 6Wheatsheaf Taba
03-10-201920:00Cubbington Club8 - 2Radford Semele Club
03-10-201920:00Jet5 - 5Joiners Arms A
03-10-201920:00Fusilier B6 - 4Bishops Tachbrook S&SC
03-10-201920:00The Avenue8 - 2Bowling Green
03-10-201920:00Woodloes Tavern5 - 5St Patrick's Club
10-10-201920:00Bull Dog A6 - 2Cubbington Club
10-10-201920:00Green Man A6 - 3Sydenham Club
10-10-201920:00Draper and Dhesi5 - 2Nash and Butterworth
10-10-201920:00Pash Jugpal5 - 1Martin Tonks